See What People are Saying

"Tyler Earp's Eagle Scout greenhouse project has the potential to integrate diverse courses of study in real and meaningful ways. It has the potential to better bring together the MHS community. It has the potential to add economic, educational, and cultural value to Marblehead Public Schools. It is, in short, the most exciting and ambitious project I've seen in 20 years of teaching at MHS."

- Connor Ryan (MHS English Teacher and NGSS Faculty Advisor)

"Tyler's project is an incredibly exciting opportunity to help our school community prioritize wellness and well-being in new ways. I can't think of a single classroom or program at MHS that wouldn't benefit greatly from the greenhouse and surrounding greenspace & garden! I look forward to seeing all of the creative and impactful ways that staff and students incorporate this addition into their classrooms and experiences at the school."

- Emily Sohigian (MHS BRYT Academic Coordinator)

"Tyler, it was a pleasure working with you on your Eagle Scout project! Thanks for thinking of our work at Tower School as inspiration for your work. Your initiative and level of maturity are so impressive. I'm inspired by your work to help the community of Marblehead through installing a greenhouse at the high school. It is something that is impactful in so many ways and will lead a life of its own for years to come. As I look forward to the many positive outcomes from the greenhouse, and your efforts, I imagine the students who will learn countless lessons, the hungry who will benefit from the food grown, the native pollinators that will flourish from the wildflowers grown, and a more beautiful and healthy ecosystem in town. Through your curiosity, determination and collaboration you have brought together so many skills and people--admirable for anyone of any age. You must be so proud, you have indeed completed valuable and worthwhile work--congratulations!"

- Russ Wells (7th & 8th Science Teacher and Health & Wellbeing Coordinator at Tower School)

"This project will be a wonderful addition to the Marblehead High School Community. It will be enjoyed by all for many years to come."

- Michelle Cresta (MPS Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations)

“The greenhouse is sure to be a valuable resource for the high school students for many years to come.”

- Blake Jackson (Cubmaster Pack 11)

"Tyler’s ambitions to become an Eagle Scout are just as admirable as his project to enhance Marblehead High School with this project. Go get’em, Tyler!"

- Jack Attridge (Community Leader)

“I was impressed by the wide scope of the project Tyler was proposing and the thoroughness of his research and analysis.

- Don Morgan (Chairperson of the Marblehead Conservancy Trails Committee)