Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me with my project!

Dan Bauer (MHS Principal)

Marianne Baker (Eagle advisor)

Alex & Julie Earp (My Parents)

Connor Ryan (MHS English Teacher and NGSS Faculty Advisor)

Emily Sohigian (MHS BRYT Academic Coordinator)

Sara Berkowitz (MHS Teacher)

John Herrick (MHS Teacher)

Russell Wells (Tower School Teacher)

Marblehead High School Parents' Council Organization

Michelle Cresta (MPS Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations)

Fire Chief Gilliland (Fire Chief)

Andrew Petty (Health Director)

Don Morgan (Chairperson of the Marblehead Conservancy Trails Committee)

Jack Attridge (Community Leader)

Blake Jackson (Cubmaster Pack 11)

Jeff Tucker (Architect)