Several species of plants (both invasive and non invasive) and weeds will be removed to improve the outdoor classroom at MHS. These will then be replaced with native species and pollinator plants. The conservation work will be completed in coordination with the Marblehead Conservancy. I greatly appreciate their guidance on this phase of my project.

The three main plants that will be removed are:

Black Locust

Growing into the pathway

Covered in thorns

Japanese Knotweed




Growing in the tree

Several branches of the following will be pruned:

Black Oak

(Growing close to the current raised beds)


(Growing into the pathway)

The following plants will be removed or transplanted:


(Only one example)


(will be moved to the edge of the forest)

Alder Buckthorn

(Will be removed)

The photo to the left provides a general layout of several plants and invasive species in the outdoor classroom.

Thank you to MHTV for doing a before and after story on the conservation aspect of my project!

Several Black Locust trees removed from the outdoor classroom area.

Leaves and debris cleared from the pathway and several overgrown plants were cut back.