The Greenhouse is finished!

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The Greenhouse

This image is of a similar Florian greenhouse.

A Florian greenhouse (similar to the one pictured above) will be installed where the current raised beds in the outdoor classroom are located. The greenhouse will be 21 feet long by 16 feet wide and  will rest on a cement foundation. The greenhouse will impact many students and faculty and provide many unique opportunities for learning and teaching. In addition to new curriculum, it can be used by clubs and can function as a classroom/meeting space.


The Design

The greenhouse will be made almost entirely out of glass. Double doors will facilitate the entry/exit of large plants and garden tools/containers. The greenhouse will be equipped with automatic vents and ventilation. Its large footprint will allow for a large amount of growing space.

Impact on Curriculum

Science classesLabs involving plants, examination of plant cells, study of ecosystems and tropical climates, photosynthesis, chemistry of plants, light, energy, greenhouse effect, plant reproduction, genetics, lifecycles, abiotic and biotic factors and more.

Cooking classes - Use freshly grown fruits, vegetables and herbs to cook a variety of foods. 

Art classes - Draw, paint or sculpt plants in the greenhouse. 

Foreign Language classes - Grow and taste foods native to Spanish speaking or French speaking countries around the world to learn about Spanish and French culture.

Groom Construction

Groom Construction, a local contractor and developer, will be assisting with the foundation and oversight of the greenhouse installation


Florian manufactures high quality glass greenhouses and other products focused on outdoor spaces.

Glass House LLC

Glass House LLC is the regional distributor for Florian products.

Tucker Architecture

Tucker Architecture, a local architecture and landscape architecture business, assisted with the drawings needed for the greenhouse and a building permit.